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False Confessions, Mistaken Witnesses, Corrupt Investigators: Why 139 Innocent People Went to Jail

How government is used to promote racism. ... Read more

Black man beaten in Charlottesville found not guilty of assaulting white supremacist

Obviously, the victim was on trial and the perpetrator is still free. ... Read more

NFL ownership colludes against players who protested racism ... Read more

How ‘Strange Fruit’ Killed Billie Holiday

As we have seen with the persecution of the Austin 7 by the international corporate banking cartel and their subsidiaries that deal in drug trafficking–including the US military, the Justice Department, the Attorney General of the United States, the FBI, and, more locally, in Chicago, the Mayor’s Office, the US Attorney for Northern Illinois, the federal courts, and the Chicago Police Department–anyone interfering with this trade is targeted. Part of the agenda is racism, as we see in the targeting of African-American and othe... Read more

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