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The Principles of Ethical Policing, written in 1829

This British manual on ethical policing seems so quaint, given the internationalization and militarization of local constabularies, and their use against citizens. ... Read more

Why do whites oppose the NFL protests?

#whiteprivilege: ... Read more

2 Chicago Police Officers Take a Knee, and Get a Reprimand

The Chicago Police Department has conveniently forgotten that in 1968, their police cars had bumper stickers touting George Wallace for President. Like it or not, everything the police do, in Chicago and elsewhere in the U.S., is a political and economic act, driven by those for whom they work: the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel. The only people that the police regularly “serve and protect” is the .000001%. That is why they have been internationalized and militarized. Read more

Kap, Cops and Confederate Statues: a Better World Without Double Standards

“Kaepernick was not disrespecting the flag or our vets. I believe that Kaepernick was protesting a corrupt system of justice that allows some police to use excessive force, even the taking of innocent life, without consequences.” Frank Serpico is a retired NYC Police detective who in the 1970s exposed widespread corruption in the NYC Police department. ... Read more

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