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White Cop Michael Slager Sentenced to 20 Years for Murdering Walter Scott

A couple time a year, police officers get convicted of murdering African-Americans in cold blood. Most of the time, they get off scot free. ... Read more

Gang Members Implicate U.S. Gov’t in Dumping Crates of Guns in Chicago

The US government, as a proxy for the global corporate crime syndicate, also supplied guns to gangs in Mexico. It is part of their racist eugenics policy and their drug trafficking objectives. ... Read more

Another fake-progressive mayor for Chicago

Lori Lightfoot covered for the legendarily racist Chicago police (currently operating under a federal civil rights consent decree) in her role as the head of outgoing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Police Accountability Task Force. She did the same on the Chicago Police Board under Mayor Richard M. Daley. ... Read more

Chicago Police Are Notorious Liars, So Why Trust Them on Smollett?

The usual racist accusations from the CPD and racist-in-chief: ... Read more