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Chicago Teachers Union calls for Emanuel, Alvarez to resign

If the people want them to go, what’s keeping them in office? ... Read more

Kentucky seeks to demean African-American Judge for enforcing “jury of peers”

Contrary to the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution, the state of Kentucky is attempting to disciple an African-American judge for refusing to allow all-white juries to hear cases involving African-American defendants. An all white panel will consider his actions. ... Read more

Emanuel pivots on Law Department police misconduct controversy

Blustering and backtracking is standard operating procedure for Chicago’s Mayor’s office. We won’t be satisfied until their is a civilian oversight board that is democratically elected in a verifiable election. ... Read more

22 CPD officers disciplined amid surge in video Slaps on the wrist for officers who do not keep their video running properly. The Chicago Police Department has long history of offering reforms that allow them to continue business as usual; i.e., racism, suppression of evidence, torture, murder, etc. Who are these guys working for? ... Read more