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Chicago pays $5.5M in reparations to 57 Burge torture victims

The payout to Burge torture victims, mostly African-Americans, continues. The long history of crime by the Chicago Police Department shows that all the so-called reforms have been fake. Torture by the CPD continues today at the Homan facility. ... Read more

Emanuel says ‘not possible’ Law Department part of cover-up culture

Given the history of the crime by the Mayor’s office and Chicago Police Department, it would be a miracle if what Emanuel is saying were true. After you read this article (, take a look at our CPD Crimes tab: ... Read more

Mayor hires former Washington DC crony to defend his administration

Chicago taxpayers will pay Washington, DC rates for the defense of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the CPD in the handling of the Laquan McDonald murder case. ... Read more

State’s Atty. Alvarez asks FBI to join investigation of fatal police shooting of 2

Given Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’s involvement in the cover-up of the Laquan McDonald murder and the FBI’s involvement in the framing of the Austin Seven, what is to make us believe that this is nothing more than another cover-up? ... Read more