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Quentin Tarantino stands by comments on corrupt police

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino refused to be intimidated by police threats against his upcoming movie, “The Hateful Eight,” and reaffirmed his criticism of police organizations. ... Read more

Chicago Police Fatally Shoot 2, Raising New Questions for a Force Under Scrutiny

As an internationalized and militarized institution, the police are not trained to help those with mental issues; instead, in the U.S., they kill them. “Over a five-year period ending in 2014, officers here fatally shot 70 people, most of them black. That was the most among the nation’s 10 largest cities during the same period, according to the Better Government Association, a nonprofit watchdog group.” ... Read more

Cleveland case a cautionary tale for Chicago

The prosecutors handling of the Tamir Rice case in Cleveland should be a red flag for the Laquan McDonald case in Chicago, or any case, nationwide, where the police are on trial before a court biased in their favor. ... Read more

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