Former federal prosecutor to lead review of Chicago’s Law Department

Chicago’s lead attorney, Steven Patton, announced that Dan Webb, a former federal prosecutor, will lead what is being spun as a “third-party” review of the city’s law department, which is under fire for a senior attorney (since resigned) concealing evidence in a police shooting case.

Webb’s group will begin immediately its review of the standards and practices of the Chicago Law Department’s Federal Civil Rights Litigation division, which defends police officers in federal civil cases involving use of excessive force.

Patton’s statement also said: “We hold ourselves to the absolute highest professional and ethical standards to maintain their trust. … We have zero tolerance for any action that undermines the trust of the residents we serve.”

This dog and pony show ought to raise red flags in the community, given the long history of criminal cover ups by the Mayor’s office and the Chicago Police Department..

These crimes have been aided and abetted by the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois, along with a blind eye the FBI and the Justice Department.

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