Rahm is just the latest in a long line of corrupt mayors

Most of what McQuery writes in today’s Tribune is true (see link below), but what she doesn’t get right makes all the difference in putting Rahm’s performance in context. The Mayor’s office and the Chicago Police Department have been thoroughly corrupt for a long time. The history of their crimes–murder, torture, drug trafficking, suppressing evidence, framing citizens (including police), and covering it all up–has been repeated over and over. By design, the reforms that have been instituted over the years never amount to anything. To think that getting rid of the Mayor or the Police Superintendent will make any difference is ignoring the basic operational facts.

McQuery writes: “… if recall advocates are motivated only by the tragic death of Laquan, then they haven’t been paying attention. They had a chance in April. They blew it.” Since when has the tabulation of votes in Chicago been an indication of how voters actually cast their ballots?

If we want to change the culture of crime of the Mayor’s office, the CPD, and the federal agencies that are part of the charade, then we will need verifiable elections, meaning paper ballots overseen by independent parties, and independent exit polling, just for a start. Otherwise, we’re playing into the hands of a criminal cartel that reaches far beyond Chicago.


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